Grief, and suicide prevention


Welcome to Good Grief Guru. I’m glad you’re here.

At Good Grief Guru I believe life can be born out of darkness. There are four seasons where I live. In autumn, things start to whither away. By winter, the landscape is cold and barren. Things are quiet…still. Winter holds its own beauty, but for some it can feel like there is no hope…like everything has died. It is only when we hold on for a new season we come to see that life was always with us, growing underground in the dark, waiting for a new season when it could reach up from the ground and stretch towards the light. By summer, the darkness that once held a seed has now produced a harvest that can nourish many.

Whatever season of life, love, or loss you are in, you are welcome here. Come as you are. May you find hope, even if all you can see right now is a barren landscape, or darkness.

The logo for Good Grief Guru is a leaf to represent growth out of darkness. It is also a tear drop watering a tree. Tears are healing. As we shed them our vision clears to see new possibilities; possibilities like growth coming out of darkness. That possibility can, in time, be even more than a delicate seedling. When fostered to its full potential it can produce a strongly rooted tree.

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